OTA Leadership

Alex Bitterman - Founding President

Alex is a Junior at Oneonta High School. He got the inspiration for OTA after a very memorable run that happened to get into some sweet single track in Wilber Park that was built by his good friends Max and Emile. He realized their hard work had left a lasting legacy for the town. When a family friend visiting from Wyoming showed him the Teton trails website, he had the epiphany to create OTA.  

2019_Skin Up_Jean Paul.JPG
Jean-Paul Orgeron- Board Member and Treasurer

A Louisiana native, Jean-Paul stumbled upon the Oneonta trails, and trails in general, thanks to some fortuitous curiosity and wanderlust back in 2004. Since then he has been a staple of both the mountain bike and trail running community. He has been integral to the yearly Oneonta Epic mtn bike ride, and founded the yearly Oneonta Epic Ultramarathon. He has spent countless hours on trail maintenance and planning. 

Paul Bauer- Board Member

Paul is one of the most enthusiastic cyclists in town. He is also keen to do his share to help maintain and improve the trails. He is an economics professor at SUNY Oneonta and is both an avid road and mountain biker.

Rhea 1.jpg
Rhea Nowak- Board Member

Rhea is an avid outdoor adventurer enjoying mountain biking, hiking and back country skiing. She is an exhibiting artist and a professor of art at SUNY Oneonta. Her experience on many committees has been helpful in getting OTA up and running.

Nancy Scanlon - Board Member

Nancy is not only a founding board member of OTA, she was involved with the very early trail scene in town.  She is a mountain biker, runner, skier and someone who really loves the trails and the greater Oneonta community. Her experience with many local boards and charities makes her valuable to our organization and mission statement.

minnewaska in spring 2012_edited.jpg
Mike Maben - Board Member

Born in Oneonta, Mike grew up exploring the trails at College Camp and Homer Folks.  Mike is an environmental engineer by profession and in his spare time is the head coach of the NICA Otsego Composite high school mountain bike team.  Mike has never been lost on the local trail system and had been a ride leader for most Oneonta Epic 40 mtb events.

Oneonta, NY 13820, USA