Oneonta, NY 13820, USA


Oneonta Epic  -  10th Annual !

  (also upcoming Hemlock Hollow trail runs in Laurens, scroll down for that event)

40 mile mountain bike ride 

31 mile trail run

(group ride and run, not a race, fully self-supported)

9.14.2019   Wilber Park Pavilion, Oneonta

Details below:

10th Annual Oneonta Mountain Bike Epic — 40 miles


3nd Annual Oneonta Trail Run Epic — 31 miles


Start/Finish: Wilber Park Upper Pavilion


Time: Runners depart at 8AM; bikers at 9AM


Support: **minimal** runner/rider support (fruit, cookies, pretzels, and such) will be provided at the picnic tables adjacent to the SUNY Oneonta track due to its central location. Water fountains are available at the track and Hunt Union is nearby. No support will be provided at the Upper Pavilion. Similar to the snacks/supplies provided at the Maben picnic table, be mindful of those behind you. This is not a marked course, so plan accordingly! The Oneonta Trail Association provides beta here:


For riders, helmets must be worn at all times.


If you feel sick at any time, let other runners/riders know.


Stay on trails, pack out any trash, and respect land owners.


No dogs!


This is NOT a race! This is a planned community event. Enjoy the first half, push through the second half!


The after party will be held at College Camp (119 Hoffman Road). Clean up after your ride/run and join us anytime after 5PM. Friends and family welcome. If you are from out of town, then you encouraged to make use of Camp showers. 


Bike Epic Specifics:


Riders will divide into 3 groups, described below.


A group will ride 40 miles, do the most climbing (roughly 6,000 feet), will regroup less, and will not ride New Island (a flat trail system).


B group will ride 40 miles, do less climbing, will regroup more often, and will ride all trail systems.


C group will ride until noon, has no set mileage goal, will regroup frequently, and will ride select trail systems.


If you are unfamiliar with our trails, speak up! Group leaders will help you return to Wilber Park at an appropriate road crossing should you want to end your ride early. 


Trail Run Epic Specifics:


Runners will divide into groups only if necessary, cover 31 miles, will regroup as needed, and will run all trail systems.


If you are unfamiliar with our trails, speak up! The group leader will help you return to Wilber Park at an appropriate road crossing should you want to end your ride early. 




Parking is available near the Wilber Park Upper Pavilion. Use the entrance from Center Street. Should that fill, park next to the tennis courts in lower Wilber Park. That entrance is from Spruce Street.


Questions: or 607-433-2012


Fine Print: As this annual event has grown in size, the organizers have recognized the need for greater clarity in describing our general expectations of riders/runners who plan to fully participate. If your training typically avoids longer distances, does not include climbing, and eschews group activity, then we urge you to reflect on the proposed distance of each event, the somewhat relentless nature of our terrain, and your capacity to tolerate group dynamics. Similarly, this is NOT the venue to test your ability to ride/run such a distance, to see what it is like to take part in a group ride/run, or to learn basic group riding/running etiquette.

  not too long ago, but we're still buzzing about it and coming back next year:

NICA High School Mountain Bike Race!

5.19.2019  Oneonta High School

8am - 3pm

This event was a HUGE success. The director gushed that this was the best race course in a decade! That's thanks to Mike Maben's years of work to make the trail and the event happen. This could be a watershed moment for Oneonta, as many in town all of a sudden realized the huge potential we have in our trails! 

 Hemlock Hollow 5K, 1/2 and Full Marathon

Saturday, October 19, 2019
5K Start: 10:30 AM
½ Marathon Start: 10:00 AM
Full Marathon Start: 9:00 AM
123 Lull Hill Rd
Laurens, NY 13796